Ink Application Guide
Universal applicationHU9452 Light color,good stability,cost-effective
HU9453 Fast curing speed, especially at the surface,light color,good stability
HU9271 Fast curing speed,good flexibility,good adhesion
 Offset inkCR91578 Good pigment wetting,fast curing speed,good adhesion
CR91537 Good water pick up,anti-flying ink,good wetting and flowing,good adhesion
HT7370 Cost-effective, good yellowing resistance, fast curing speed
HT7379 Good pigment wetting,excellent adhesion
YH7218 Good pigment wetting, good adhesion
HE3219 Excellent flexibility,good adhesion,good anti-water , moderate wetting and flowing
 Screen inkMH5203 Good adhesion on various substrates,good pigment wetting,high gloss
HA502 Good adhesion on various substrates,good compatibility and flexibility
 Wrinkle inkHP6252A Good wrinkle effect,fast curing speed,wide range of wrinkle effect
 Snowflake inkCR90512 The snowflake effect is exquisite, wide range, strong covering
CR90787 Thicker snowflake effect,snowflake effect is more transparent than CR90512


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