Adhesive Application Guide
Adhesive Application GuideHP6206 Good bonding adhesion,excellent adhesion
HP6206-J75 With 25% IBOA
HP6217 Excellent adhesion, good yellowing resistance
HP6220 Fast curing speed , good flexibility
HP6309 Good toughness
HT7004 Good adhesion
  Electronic structural adhesiveHP6219 Good adhesion, good yellowing resistance
 PVC-PlasticsCR90826-2 Fast surface drying and good bonding adhesion
 Metal-GlassCR90886 Good bonding adhesion
 Car light applicationHP6226 Excellent weather resistance, the QUV test can reach more than 1000 hours
 PC-MetalCR90958 Good adhesion on PC and metal, excellent strength
GlassCR91095B Good bonding retention after HTHH  aging, good water resistance
PET-PET,PET-PVCCR91259 High elongation, Good bonding adhesion,good yellowing resistance, good water resistance
Transfer glueHP6919 9F PUA,Good toughness, good compatibility
CR90670 2F PUA,Good adhesion
CR91290 2F PUA,Good thermal stretchability

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